Breedekloof Wine Valley

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Lateganskop Cellar was built in 1969 by Willem Hendrik Lategan. Before this date wine was made on the individual farms in smaller cellars and sold from there, but a bigger facility was needed and Willem Hendrik, together with his oldest son Bennie and his younger set of twins, Joubert and Jakobus, started Lateganskop Cellar. Today, the farm is managed by Heinrich Lategan, who also undertakes the winemaking. It produces four wines – Twin's Peak, The Zahir, 102 and Livia's Laughter - each named for a story related to farm and family.


White and Dessert Wines

Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat d’Alexandrie, Methode Cap Classique

Red Wines

Red Blend


Outdoor Experiences