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Groote Post is an 18th century farm on the West Coast where winemaking traditions have been revived by the Pentz family. The Groote Post homestead was built in 1808 and, for a while, was Lord Charles Somerset's only genuine "shooting box" and later was the home of well-known author, Hildagonda Duckitt. The name is derived from its original status as the largest guarding post in the area. The Pentzs bought Groote Post in 1972, later adding the adjoining the historic Klawer Valley for the purpose of its dairy. In 2001 the herd of Holstens was sold and the focus of the 3 000ha farm became wine.


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Hilda's Kotchen :Modern Country cooking uses the freshest of produce, much locally sourced and grown and the menu is designed to complement the outstanding wines of Groote Post.


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