Lothian Vineyards


Due to Elgin’s proximity to the cold Atlantic Ocean and high altitude, the valley’s cool environment makes it the ideal home for varietals such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Rose and Riesling and permits a predominantly non-interventionist approach to wine making.
Working in harmony with nature, our grapes are harvested by hand at the optimal moment for full flavours before being are transported a short distance to the local Valley Green winery.
Handled as minimally as possible, the integrity of the fruit and its clonal characteristics are maintained, allowing Richard to craft elegant and exquisitely complex wines that reflect the unique climate and terroir of Lothian’s vineyards.
The vines are grown in ideal conditions, thanks to a cool climate created by mountain shadow, south facing vineyards and breezes from the river and nearby ocean. Fruit is handpicked and sorted, winemaking techniques are as non-interventionist as possible. Typical practices at Lothian Vineyards involve harvesting at phenolic ripeness (carefully and rigorously determined in the vineyard), hand picking and sorting, cooling fruit prior to crushing, gentle pressing, the application of artisanal wine-making techniques and the judicious use of oak.



Luxury villa with 8 ensuite bedrooms, surrounded by water on 4 sides and the 3 Elgin mountain ranges


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