As a proud member of the biodiversity and wine initiative (BWI) , Kranskop ensures that every skillfully crafted bottle of wine is produced without harm to the environment. Small volumes guarantee the estate’s commitment to the highest standards and the singularity of the wines – making a visit to Kranskop, the ideal destination for individuals who are serious about wine.

Kranskop produces three whites, four reds and a Noble Late Harvest. The red wines distinguish themselves from other cellars in that all are uniquely pulped with the traditional basket press. Kranskop owns two basket presses of unknown age. However, the method has been used over thousands of years when the stomping feet of labourers was no longer needed nor its results desirable for the making of wine. The basket press enables a winemaker to completely control and fine-tune the pressure on the grapes along with the ability to closely monitor the colour and taste of the wine throughout the pressing process.




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