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Good for you! For wine drinkers who care about what they put into their bodies, a natural ‘NO SULPHUR ADDED - VEGAN FRIENDLY’ wine with great flavours and consistent great quality.
What is Audacia ‘No sulphur added wine?  Rooibos wooded NO SULPHUR ADDED wines are unique patented red wines produced by using indigenous South African wood/tannins extremely rich in unique antioxidants/polyphenols that preserve wine naturally without the need to add Sulphur as a preservative.
Why is Audacia doing it?  According to Euromonitor International, a world leader in strategy research for consumer markets, when it comes to ‘Wellness and Health’ the ‘FREE FROM’ trend is the undisputed winner at a global level in 2017. Worldwide wine production has lacked innovation and not followed global health and wellness trends. Audacia is at the forefront of changing this paradigm with its ‘No Sulphur Added’ wines whilst still maintaining the integrity of traditional wine.
To claim ‘No Sulphur Added’ wine!  For a wine producer to be able to claim ‘NO SULPHUR ADDED’ on a wine label the total Sulphur content of the wine must be below 10mg/L. All wines containing Sulphur levels greater than 10mg/L must have a health warning ‘CONTAINS SULPHITES’ on them, making consumers aware that Sulphur is present in the wine.

Audacia Wines is at the forefront of wine production technology using indigenous AspalathusLinearis (Rooibos) and Cyclopia Genistoides (Honey Bush) toasted wood chips in the winemaking process. The wood is unique in that it contains high levels of antioxidants, no caffeine and low tannin levels compared to other imported oak derivatives traditionally used in winemaking. It also contains phenolic compounds and flavonoids that impart unique flavours to wine, and is uniquely South African. Audacia Wines currently makes “No Sulphur Added” and “Low Kilojoules / Low Alcohol” wines and traditional wines using this innovation. These have won several awards, and are poised to change the way wine is made locally.




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