35 Fantastic Wine Pairing Experiences in South Africa

What is better than sipping top South African wines in a beautiful setting? Pairing their flavours with delicious bites and unique experiences, of course.

What started out as a venture to complement the perfect wine with the best food combination, has turned into an exciting bucket list experience in the South African winelands.

And don’t just think cheese and biscuits. These days you can pair a long list of wines and Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) varietals with anything from cupcakes, nougat and macaroons, to biltong, fynbos and even music and photographs.

Whether you want to finely balance or contrast complex components, or just have a ball of a time to share on social media, you’ll find your perfect match at one of these South African wine farms.

Stellenbosch Wine Route

1.  Chocolate and Wine, Waterford

Whenever you mention Waterford Estate to anyone, chances are that they will reply with that majestic word — ‘chocolate’.

Chocolate and Waterford are synonymous and it’s for good reason. Their flawless combination wasn’t an overnight throw-together. Their renowned winemaker, Kevin Arnold, worked closely with Belgian Chocolatier, Richard von Geusau, to create three chocolates that would perfectly fit a selection of their wines.

A spicy Shiraz is matched with Masala Chai Dark Chocolate, and their Cabernet Sauvignon meets the mysterious flavours of Rock Salt Dark Chocolate. End on a sweet note with Rose Geranium Milk Chocolate mingling flavours with their natural sweet desert wine.

Chocolate doesn’t ask any questions, chocolate understands. The classic wine pairing at Waterford is a must-do in the Stellenbosch wine region. (Image: Waterford Estate)

2.  Nougat and MCC, Villiera

Blissful bubbles meet delicious delicacies. This family-owned winery specialises in the beautiful art of making some of the best Méthode Cap Classique in the country.

To harmonise perfectly with a selection of Villiera’s sparkling wines, they are pairing it with a variety of deliciously chewy nougat.

The tangy hints from Grier Brut is balanced with honey, almond and cranberry nougat, whilst the fruity Villiera Tradition Brut is matched with a macadamia nougat to add a creamy characteristic.

The earthy almond nougat is best suited for the Monro Brut, oh and you’ll love the goji berry, almond and rooibos tea nougat as a blush companion for the Tradition Brut Rose.

3.  Ice-cream, Wine and MCC, Clos Malverne

It might sound pretty odd pairing a freezing desert with wine, but there is a reason that this has become the estate’s signature tasting experience.

Four heavenly homemade scoops of gourmet ice cream are presented in ramekins facing its partner wine, betrothed to complement each others’ best qualities.

The ice cream flavour combinations change with the season, but you can count on finding a variety of fresh fruity flavours (to match the Sauvignon Blanc Brut), creamy buttery ones in the mix (to go with their red varieties) and a spicy addition (to pair with the Muscat).

And don’t think “chocolate and vanilla,” we’re talking churned epicurean delights, like their “Parsnip, saffron, salted caramel and pumpkin seeds” option, currently on the line-up.

A line-up of cool decadency at the Clos Malverne ice cream and wine pairing. (Image: Clos Malverne)

4. Cape Fynbos and Wine, Bartinney

Did you know that fynbos, the vegetation type found only in the Cape region, is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site? That’s right, the Cape Floral Region, is officially one of the most special places on earth and lucky us, many of South Africa’s wine farms are nestled in between.

So it’s only fair that there is a multi-sensory wine experiences as a tribute to fynbos, right?

For a one-of-a-kind occasion, book a spot at this interactive tasting as you incorporate touch, smell, sight and taste to blend the flavours of the farm’s fynbos with three Bartinney wines.

Another great pairing is the setting of the tasting room and its environment in the Helshoogte Pass, boasting one of the most beautiful views in the valley.

5.  Boerebraai Tapas and Wine, Middelvlei

Now this is a pairing that happens informally in thousands of South African households over weekends: braai and wine.

For a taste of authentically traditional food prepared on an open fire and accompanied by a great selection of Middelvlei wines, this is the place to be.

In a relaxed farm-setting you can enjoy local favourites like mini potbrood (bread) and snoek pâté, boerewors-sosaties (sausage skewers) or a variety of gourmet cheesy braaibroodjies (fire-grilled sandwiches). Their wine tasting list ranges from Chardonnay to Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. 

If you want to skip the meat, you can opt to pair a variety of braaibroodjies with wine.

To eat and sip like a local, make sure to pay Middelvlei a visit.

6.  Flash Food and Slow Wine, Neethlingshof

There’s nothing typical-takeaway about this fast-finger-food offering with a twist.

The uncomplicated bites are packed with flavour, and juxtaposed with wines that have been carefully crafted over a prolonged period of time.

Think vegetable samosas with mango atchar, beef kebabs with roasted tomato, prego rolls with chocolate shavings and a traditional mini malva pudding with a liquorice reduction.

In summer they also dish up salmon and trout roulade (with the Sauvignon Blanc) which is replaced in winter with a hearty tomato soup (with their Chenin Blanc). 

The kids get their own pairing too, with pancakes, burgers and sponge fingers served with juices and milkshake.

Unpretentious gourmet street food style bites meets refined wines at Neethlingshof. (Image: Neethlingshof)

7.  Fynbos Cupcakes and Wine, Delheim

The cupcake and wine pairing at Delheim has been a hit for years. Now, they’ve added a fragrant new local twist to the experience: fynbos-inspired flavours.

The new honeybush cupcake is set to bring out the fruity flavours of their Chardonnay, whilst the buchu cupcake is a surprising pair to the scarce varietal of the farm, Gewürztraminer.

Delheim’s Merlot matches well with the fynbos honey cupcake and to end it off on a high note,  the Pinotage is paired with a rooibos cupcake to highlight the dark and warm spicy flavours.

A floral fantasy of flavours at Delheim’s new fynbos cupcake pairing experience. (Image: Delheim)

8. Artisanal Salt and Wine, Fleur du Cap

The chef who initiated this fascinating tasting is worth his salt.

Chef Craig Cormack is so intrigued by the seasoning crystals that he’s already collected 68 of the 161 different types of salt found around the world.

To give you a glimpse of the different salty flavours out there, you can match five different types of savoury bites to complement five of Fleur du Cap’s unfiltered wines.

You’ll start off with dolmades with sulphuric salt to go with their Sauvignon Blanc, and taste some olive tapenade and black lava salt to pair with their Chardonnay.

Their liver paté with Murray River salt is savoured with the Merlot, while the sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and Khoisan salt is best enjoyed with the Cab.

Finally, and obviously, one will have to try the Maldon salted fudge, heavenly paired with their Noble Late Harvest.

9. Pizza and Wine, Brenaissance

What better combination than pizza and wine to set the scene for a fun and relaxing evening with good friends. And you’ll experience nothing different at Café Blanc de Noir at Brenaissance Wine Estate.

Their Full House Pizza is actually four different pizza flavours in one serving, each slice paired with one of Brenaissance’s premium wines.

It’s an informal affair with tasting sheets explaining the wines and tasting notes, giving you the opportunity to self-guide your way through the pairing.

Franschhoek Wine Route

10. Pierneef à La Motte and Five Wines, La Motte

For a top class experience, you’ll have to reserve two days in advance to ensure you get a booking at the exclusive Pierneef à La Motte fine food and wine pairing. 

The tasting takes place in a private room in the tasting area with the cuisine prepared in the Pierneef à La Motte kitchen — a restaurant that has been listed under the top ten in the country.

You can expect a contemporary take on heritage-based culinary delights, paired with world-renowned wines, all tied together by your professional wine ambassador host, guiding you through the journey.

Adding to the art of it all, the clay serving plates were designed by local ceramicists as their interpretation of each dish. 

It’s a delicate experience that will impress even the most difficult of in-laws.

11. Culinaria Food and Wine, Leopard’s Leap

Long forgotten is the stiff-upper-lip perceptions that wine farms used to have in the past.

The Culinaria Food and Wine pairing held on Friday mornings at Leopard’s Leap is a warm and interactive experience. It’s hosted around a long table set right in the middle of the bustling kitchen.

As the sommelier enthusiastically explains the six featured wines one after the other, the chef cooks up a storm to prepare the dish that each one will be paired with. Your nose will do the pairing, before it even lands on your plate. 

An immersive experience of note, and everyone is invited, with even the kids feeling at home.

Relax and enjoy the three-dimensional pairing at the vibrant Leopard’s Leap. (Image: Leopard's Leap)

12. Charcuterie, Wine and MCC, Môreson

Charcuterie is arguably just a good a match with wine as cheese. The smokiness and saltiness of the meat have the ability to bring out strong attributes in wine, making it a great partner.

You don’t have to go far to experience this perfect pairing. For more than two decades Neill Jewell has been the head chef at Môreson wine farm and is often referred to as the “Charcuterie King”.

Sample a selection of Môreson and Miss Molly wines (or MCC) matched with handmade artisanal charcuterie like sausages and slices of cured meat.

13. Music and Wine, Black Elephant Vintners & Co

Black Elephant Vintners & Co is known as the ‘rebels of the vine’, establishing their own rules on how to produce and market their wines…and how they pair it.

Combining wine with music is refreshingly different. And don’t think it’s a quick in-and-out, got-the-picture kind of thing. The menu of wines paired with epic songs can contain up to 14 items, so get ready for a two to three hour interactive journey like no other.

This unique experience is only available on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and you’ll have to book before you pitch (pun intended).

The music pairing experience at Black Elephant Vintners & Co are just as daring and edgy as their wines. (Image: Crush Mag)

14. Oysters Three-way and MCC, Grande Provence

If you’re looking for a refined and luxurious pairing experience, it can’t get much better than sampling oysters and bubbly at Grande Provence’s elegant sculpture garden.

And they’re not just any oysters. The locally sourced West Coast oysters are freshly shuck on the estate and topped with gourmet dressings that are conceptualised by the Head Chef.

Grande Provence Brut is sipped along with an oyster topped with pickled daikon, Asian style radish and a soy and sesame dressing. The Brut Rosé is a decadent partner for an oyster with homemade wasabi mayonnaise and spring onion, and the flagship finale is the Vintage Brut with a yuzu pearl-oyster to add a kick of citrus.

Oysters and bubbly on ice in Grand Provence’s sculpture garden is the epitome of opulence. (Image: Through My Wine Glass)

Paarl Wine Route

15. Marshmallows and Wine, Perdeberg Winery

Apparently artisanal marshmallows are becoming an interesting new food trend. Be part of the movement and try some fluffy treats with a couple of wine varieties from Wellington.

At Perdeberg Winery, a line-up of five wines are served along with handmade, gourmet marshmallows by local company, Roses Artisanal Confectionery.

The rosewater mallow goes well with their bubbly and the raspberry mallow works best with the Sparkling Rosé. Their scarcer cultivars, the Grenache Blanc and Cinsault, are paired with a lime and cherry flavours, whilst the sweet Chenin is dessert-worthy in combination with the delicious marmalade and honeycomb mallow.

16. Cheesecake and MCC, Laborie

Okay, wait. Two of the best things that have ever been created, formally placed next to one another to be enjoyed together? Somebody pinch me.

Laborie’s new bubbles and cheesecake pairing is held at the KWV Wine Emporium and is presented in three phases to suit each variety of their popular MCC.

The first round is to accentuate the lemony-lime of the Brut with its orange blossom tinge. Second up is the salmon-coloured sparkling Rosé matched with strawberry cheesecake to bring out its berry deliciousness. 

As the cherry on the cake, the rich 100% Chardonnay Blanc de Blanc is delightfully paired with a hazelnut-topped cheesecake, a dream combination.

Experience the rich companionship of cheesecake and Laborie MCC at the KWV Wine Emporium. (Image: Laborie)

17. Goats milk cheese and wine, Fairview

Who can resist the addictive taste of creamy cheese?

Fairview is one of the most visited wine farms in the country and their famous drawcard is exactly this: their ever-popular combination of wine and cheese.

During your pairing, you get to taste six estate wines with a selection of recommended goat and cow milk cheeses to match their flavours. From smooth cheeses like Camembert and Brie, to crumbly feta and blue cheese and their famous White Rock fruity cheeses. You will soon discover your favourite.

(Fairview also has a very smooth system to manage large groups, with a variety of tasting areas and pods as well as a tasting-ticketing system, which is convenient.)

18. Artisanal Pies and Wine, KWV

Amongst the 15 million litres of KWV wines that gets produced each year, there is one particularly premium and pioneering series called The Mentors.

It is a sought-after range of unique wines that you get to swirl and sip at the KWV Emporium. To make it even more special, you’re invited to pair it with a selection of artisanal pies fresh from the oven of local bakery, Pasticcio.

The flaky pastries all have delicious filings like chicken curry and local favourite, bobotie.

Hearty homemade pies are paired with KWV’s premium wine range, The Mentors. (Image: Crush)

19. Cake, Liqueur and Sweet Wine, KWV

Life’s too short – have dessert first! KWV has become masters at pairing delicious drinks and matching bites, and their “A Taste of Sweetness” offering is no different

Enjoy four mouth-watering petit cakes along with their award-winning KWV Cape Tawny and Red Muscadel as well as two of their liqueurs – the Van der Hum and the Wild Africa Cream liqueur.

The cake won’t disappoint – expect baked goods like their apple and pecan nut cake with a spicy marzipan and sweet caramel flavour.

Klein Karoo Wine Route

20. Food and Brandy, Barrydale Cellar 

If you’re road-tripping down the characteristic Route 62, Barrydale Cellar should be one of the pins added to your map.

Their tasting room and restaurant is a lovely oasis offering three different types of tastings: Southern Cape vineyards wine, their own craft beer, and a selection of brandy.

Their most famous offering is their brandy though, with guests comparing their pot still bottles with some of the best in the world. To compliment the velvety rich aroma and taste of their brandies, expect a taste trifecta starting with pear, nusturtium and prosciutto followed by fig and Gorgonzola paired with an 8 year old Ladismith brandy and finally, an Oude Molen VSOP brandy paired with a smokey chocolate and syrup dessert. 

21. Biscotti and Wine, De Krans

Italians are particular about their food and wine, so if they give the nod to their famous biscuit to be paired with wine, there must be something bellisimo to it.

Traditionally though, the hard almond biscotti is dipped in a sweet late-harvest to enjoy as a dessert, but De Krans has refined the combination even further. The chefs and owners have co-created a selection of biscotti to go hand-in-hand with the taste of their wines.

The classic biscotti has the honour of marrying the Moscato, whilst the mixed herb biscotti pairs well with the Pinotage Rosé. The proudly South African biltong biscotti is an interesting salty match for the Touriga Nacional, whose aromas remind of cherry cigar and chocolate.

As a fitting finalé, the De Krans Espresso wine is combined with a coffee biscotti, followed by the rich Cape Vintage paired with an allspice choc-chip biscotti.

22. Candy Floss and Wine, Jakkalsvlei

What a pleasant surprise Jakkalsvlei is – an unanticipated little wine farm nestled between the Garden Route and the Klein Karoo. Another unexpected spoil is their wine pairing with something sweet and sticky. We’re talking about candy floss or ‘spookasem’ in Afrikaans. 

Pair five of Jakkalvlei’s wines with uniquely flavoured candy floss, like their Sauvignon Blanc with passion fruit candy floss, Pinotage with coffee candy floss or their Muscadel with turkish delight flavoured candy floss.         

You’ll be delighted to hear that they’ve also just released a new gourmet pizza and wine experience that looks delicious.

A dream for any sweet tooth – pairing candy floss with wine at Jakkalsvlei. (Image: Jakkalsvlei)

Namaqua West-Coast Wine Route

23.  Biltong and Wine, Die Keldery

Die Keldery has mastered the perfect balance of hosting a warm and authentic environment, whilst offering modern facilities with delicious food and wine.

Their pairing journeys are fun and interesting, but there’s one problem: how on earth will you be able to choose between chocolate or biltong?

I guess you don’t have to, but the traditional savoury pairing won this time round. Included in the biltong tasting is five different cured meaty bites to pair with Namaqua and Spencer Bay wines. Finger-licking chlli bites, beef biltong, droëwors, cabanossi and BBQ bites go down well with their sweet and dryer wine counterparts. 

Oh yes, don’t forget the kids! Let the young ones be entertained by the Master Taster adventure with grape juices and jelly tots.

For more kid-friendly wine estates, click here.

A repertoire of reds and whites are perfectly arranged with either chocolate or biltong at Die Keldery. (Image: Die Keldery)

24. Rooibos and Wine, Klawer Cellars

Did you know that South Africa’s famous rooibos plant can only be found in the Cederberg area of the Western Cape? To make the most of this special regional produce, Klawer Cellars is combining it with what they do best: wine.

Start the rooibos product pairing with their whites: Chardonnay with skuinskoek (a local doughnut-type speciality) and rooibos jam; followed by Chenin Blanc and rooibos fudge, whilst their Rosé is a matched with the rooibos drizzle and local olive oil.

Over to the reds, their Pinotage is paired with a rooibos biscotti, and the Cabernet Sauvignon with rooibos soya sauce and cheddar. The pinnacle of the experience is a delicious solo performance by their African Ruby Rooibos infused wine.

Regional fare at its best - a wine and rooibos pairing at Klawer Cellars. (Image: Jacques Marais)

25. Grenache Experience, Piekenierskloof

Although Grenache is commonly identified with Spain, the cultivar is one of the most widely planted varieties all over the world.

Celebrate its unique flavours with four of Piekenierskloof’s finest bottles and four gourmet bites.

The Grenache Blanc is served with baked camembert on a crostini with cranberry jus before getting salty with the bokkom-stuffed green olives and smoked tomato and Grenache Rose. The thyme and parmesan cheese straw is dipped in a mushroom truffle and paired with the earthy Grenache Noir. Finish on a sweet note with their flagship Heirloom Red and a beetroot Turkish delight flavoured with dark chocolate and white pepper.

Durbanville Wine Route

26. Macaroon and MCC, Canto

“Paire parfaite” is French for “the perfect pair” and the term was probably invented to describe two of their finest delicacies: macaroons and champagne.

The South African version of champagne is of course Méthode Cap Classique, and although the winery is brand new, Canto has created four delicious varieties.

In a modern tasting room you get to match their MCC with four distinct flavours of sweet macaroons to enhance your delight.

The Chardonnay MCC Brut is paired with a hazelnut macaroon and highlights the wonderful earthy undertone. The Shiraz Rosé MCC is one of only three of its type in the country and is a very interesting match with the red velvet macaroon. A favourite is the moreish Turkish Delight macaroon with the Pinot Noir MCC and to end it off the classic Chardonnay/Pinot Noir MCC is enjoyed with the salted caramel macaroon.

Melt in your mount macaroons bring out the best in their bubbly at Canto. (Image: Canto Wines)

Hemel-en-Aarde Wine Valley

27.  The Story of Creation, Creation Wines

Ladies and gentlemen, the creme de la creme of food and wine pairing in South Africa.

Creation is the trend-setters for pairing experiences, and their “The Story of Creation” is a five-course, eight wine dining affair that will take you through a medley of taste sensations.

Their story has five chapters, starting out on a peachy note, getting heavier and more complex as the plot thickens, before it ends with an elegant touch. 

They have more than ten other pairing options available, from vegan to brunch, charcuterie and even alcohol-free.

(Pssst, they’re also winners of the Klink Award for Best Food and Wine Pairing for five years in a row as well as the Best of Wine Tourism Winner for Regional Winner Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences.)

Robertson Wine Route

28.  ClemenGold and Wine, Zandvliet

Zesty, aromatic and fresh.

These are all tasting terms that could be used to describe either wine, or ClemenGold, a special type of soft citrus fruit.

That’s why the flavours blend so well. The distinctive taste of the juicy, sun-ripened citrus have been infused into four sweet delicacies that Zandvliet wines are effortlessly pairing with their wines. 

The spicy panforte with candied peel matches the golden Chardonnay, The Kalkveld Shiraz works its magic with the biscotti, their special Vintage Liqueur partners with the dark chocolate, and the Muscat is paired with the ClemenGold marmalade.

They say you can’t mix apples and oranges, but grapes and citrus could certainly work.

Hues of gold, orange and yellow set the scene for a citrus-infused tasting at Zandvliet. (Image: Zandvliet)

29.  Taste the Difference, Esona

Before going into the details of the multi-faceted pairing, the setting of the tasting is something you should know about. It is one of a kind experience, set in a 95 year old, rustic, dark underground cellar with their ‘kuipe’ (vintage cement fermentation tanks) still in place.

By candlelight, you get to taste their three soft wines, twice.

Why a second time? Well, they want you to compare the taste of the wine in an ordinary wine glass, with a grape-specific crystal glass, called a ‘riedel’. Apparently the difference is remarkable.

Each of the wines are then also paired with a different confectionary, including Lindt chocolates and local fruit preserves.

But that’s not all. Esona also incorporates your senses of hearing and sight, by playing music to suit each varietal and showcasing an art piece with each tasting. Simon and Garfunkel will match the relaxed Sauvignon Blank, with the Chardonnay leaning towards country music and classical music ending off the Shiraz.

30.  Christina Master Tasting, Van Loveren

At Van Loveren the focus is on having a great time.

You can go the relaxed route and enjoy your platter-pairing on your own, or select the tutored option, throwing a wine pairing guide into the equation. Whatever you chose, you’ll be learning a lot about different food and wine combinations in a fun way. 

Van Loveren has eight different wine pairings to choose from including tasting platters with nuts, nougat, cheese and charcuterie.

Their Christina van Loveren Master Tasting is the star of the show though, offering their premium wines with a combination of very interesting flavours from olive oil and balsamic vinegar to homemade dukkah and local cheese. 

Non-alcoholic versions of all the tastings are available too, for kids or designated drivers.

Van Loveren offers a number of different food and wine pairings for adults and children. (Image: Van Loveren)

Breedekloof Wine Valley

31. Photos and Wine, Badsberg

At Badsberg’s pairing journey, you not only engage your sense of taste, but also your sense of sight. The estate is innovatively combining eight of their wines with eight striking photographs.

The pictures are taken by local photographer, Hansen Preuss, and depicts the simplicity and beauty of everyday life in the valley.

As you sip on your glass of white, red, sparkling or sweet wine, you get to gaze at one of the identified pictures on the wall, each telling its own story to give depth to your tasting experience.

Wellington Wine Route

32. Donuts and Wine, Wellington Wines

If you’re going to have a cheat day, better do it properly at Wellington Wines Duke and Donut pairing.

Their standard range of wines, called Duke, is paired with four uniquely flavoured soft and sweet deep fried dough balls. Sink your teeth into flavours of chocolate, berries, gingerbread and the lighter coconut-covered donut whilst sipping on easy-drinking wines.

They have alcohol-free pairings too, and keep a look out for interesting new pairings as Wellington Wines love to adapt to trends and special days.

Duke and donut pairings at Wellington Wines is an indulgent way to pair flavours. (Image: Wellington Wines)

Swartland Wine & Olive Route

33. Olive and Wine, Kloovenburg

The entrance to Kloovenburg just outside Riebeek-Kasteel is a clear giveaway of what you’ll be pairing your wine with: this is olive country.

Presented on a wooden plank, you receive your choice of three Kloovenburg wines  served with complimentary olive products: oil, marinated olives, tapenades or jams.

A knowledgeable host will talk you through the tasting either at their indoor manor house room or outside admiring the beautiful valley views. Make sure to book in advance to save your spot.

A trio of olive products are carefully matched with the tasting notes of Kloovenburg wines. (Image: Kloovenburg)

Elgin Valley Wine Route

34. Quiche and Wine, Elgin Vintners

Be sure to visit the charming Elgin Vintners – a beautiful farm surrounded by the Kogelberg and Hottentots Holland mountains in the middle of apple and wine country.

Pair four different variations of homemade flaky quiche with a quartet of their delicious wines.

Sauvignon Blanc is often associated with green pepper notes on the nose, and now you can match their known flavours with an actual green pepper quiche. A feta and green fig quiche is paired with a golden Chardonnay, the Shiraz is best coupled with the rocket and peppadew quiche and their Merlot ends off the pairing with a lekker local biltong and blue cheese quiche.

Try four types of quiche alongside wine varieties from Elgin Vintners. (Image: Elgin Vintners)

Darling Wine Route

35. Toffee and Wine, Cloof

There’s a golden thread through Cloof Wine Estate’s approach: they focus on hand-crafted quality produce done with love and passion.

And so, pairing six of Darling Sweet’s decadent artisanal toffees with six of their small-batch wines is a carefully curated affair.

The rich ingredients of the toffee shines the spotlight on the flavours in the wine to ensure a fuller tasting experience.

Drink a crisp Chenin with a Rooibos-flavoured toffee, a Chardonnay with orange toffee and their Inkspot wine with honey and salt toffee. The Bordeaux Blend is paired with the coffee toffee,  the Dark Side blend partners with the “Tannie Evitas Classic” toffee and the Shiraz gets an aniseed-punch with liquorice toffee.

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